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Flow Switches

Jacuzzi Flow Switch-Curl Finger JHT Replacement Flow Switch Jacuzzi Flow Switch-Curl Finger
Flow Switch-Sundance
Our Price: $41.25
2 Barbed with Box End Connectors without Plug-Sundance Flow switch without cord. Has 2 crimp connectors on top.
Flow Switch-Curl Finger-Jacuzzi
Jacuzzi/Sundance Flow Switch-Box Finger Jacuzzi 2002+ Flow Switch with Box Finger Conn Flow Switch-Dimension One Spas
Flow switch used on Jacuzzi and Sundance spas with small 24/7 circ pump
and box end connectors. Common to LCD topsides.
Flow switch used on J400 2006-2009 spas with a 24/7 large circ pump.
Harwil Flows switch used on Dimension One Spas
Jacuzzi J1000 Flow Switch with DSMT connector
Flows switch used on spas with a 24/7 large circ pump; Jacuzzi J400 series