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Complete Heater Assemblies

Most flow through must have a standard water flow. If not the heater will overheat because the element is making more heat than the water can transfer. If that happens the spa shuts down due to a overheat/highlimit issue.

Care must be taken to match KW rating, Voltage rating, Pressure Switch Tap, Coupling Size, Heater Length, and how these are oriented. See bottom of page for examples.

(see bottom of this page for help)

How To Confirm Listed Heater Is the Right One For You:
a. Part Number (example: B24055G)
b. Length Of Heater (example: 15")
c. Voltage (example 230v)
d. KW Rating (example 5.5kw)
e. Pipe Connection Size (example: 2")
f. With or Without Pressure Switch tap
g. Location of Heater Terminals (check description or sample picture)
h. Support bolts if any (check description or sample picture)
g. Pictured Example

Heater Examples:

PS= Pressure Switch Tap Location.
OH Sensor Housing=Where OH/Highlimit Sensor Clamps against heater
Terminals=Where wires connect to heater element (note: Some terminals come with wire already attached)

SUPPORT= Threaded post welded into the heater for support heater. Some heaters have; some do not.

This example shows Support, Terminals, and Pressure Switch Tap are inline. OH Sensor Housing is 90 degrees from that line.

This shows the actual length a heater is measured by.