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We carry a wide assortment of PCB (pcboards).
Please be careful ordering, many PCB look familiar or exact but have different design and operation. (see bottom of page)
Always match PCB Identification Number on the PCB's main chip.

There can be harsh restocking fees.

Replacing a pcboard is not hard. But care must be taken to assure you are ordering the right board. Over time manufacturers will update pcboards. Typically updated boards don't have a changed footprint. Components on a board may change placement but boards swap is commonly easy.

What to inspect closely is the PC boards NUMBER or LABEL. Below are TWO labels the manufacturer places on this board. One includes part ID number, serial number, and board number. The label on the chip can also help ID the correct board giving chip and generation number.

Typically as boards are updated, the first set of alpha/numeric characters are the permanent ID number of that board. Example: R576xxxxx. The "R576" is the key and identifies the spa it goes into. The "xxxx" given generation and programing identification. The R576 will work on any spa using a R576 pcboard. It will NOT work on a spa that "looks the same" but isn't. Sometimes the difference can be simple; often its major. So do not buy a pcboard that "looks the same" or you might end up with a board you can't use and can't return.

See below example of 2 indentification labels. The one on the left is an added label to help both ID the board and what units it works on and the board's serial number. The label on the actual operational chip permanently ID's the board and its programming.