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We offer TWO Styles of Topsides. The T-8 also has the choice of either 2 jet pumps or 3 jet pumps.


The T-7 is a basic workhorse digital topside popular because it offers what most homeowners want: a simple topside. The topside commands Up/Down in Temperature, Mood Light, Jet 1, Jet 2, and Aux. You have the ability to program the topside to change filter length and amount and other basic functions. The topside also has small lights to indicate which component is On and the Digital Readout will display information when the spa is heating or filtering.

The T-7 is 2 1/8" x 5". This covers most standard/small existing holes. We can also supply a larger cover plate to cover larger existing holes.

T-8s and T-8x

The T-8s and T-8x are the current flagship topsides from United Spas. They are exactly the same except the -8s (as shown) has buttons for 2 Jet Pumps. The -8x has another button for a 3rd Jet or Air Blower. Like the T-7 the T-8 covers the basic operation of almost any spa.
Both T-8 have more features than the T-7. Outstanding extra features are the ability to "lock" the topside for either temperature or operation so little hands can't operate or change. Invert the digital readout so you can readout what it says from a different view so the readout isn't upside-down. The T-8 has an actual clock so you can set time of day, length, and amount of filter cycles you wish. Plus more.

The T-8 is 3 3/8" x 6 3/8". We also offer and larger cover that will cover bigger holes if needed.