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The following are general steps that apply to most pumps to change the discharge direction.
Step 1: Loosen the 4 bolts on back of motor next to cord. ATTENTION: Do not pull these bolts out for they also hold the motor together. Just loosen enough to disengage the wetend from the motor.

Step 2: Usually you can turn wetend to direction desired. Sometimes the impeller is too tight to the motor so you need to loosen the motor shaft from the pump impeller. To do that, with one hand immobilize the impellor by reaching into the front of the pump and holding it stationary (impeller is the fan like part you can see through the front union hole. With the impeller stationary, turn the motor shaft counterclockwise (lefty loosy) just enough to be able to turn entire wetend..
Step 3: After turning wetend, align and screw long bolts back into the wetend to snug. You are ready to go.