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Cycle/Rotating Valve

Jacuzzi Whirlpool on a few of their "Premium" models used a cycle valve. This valve turned creating a cycle of water coming out of their BMH jets. These BMH jets were located so the water would cycle up or down the back creating a massage type feel. The speed was often regulated by a flow handle control near the seat.

Although in theory and initial use this valve is nice. In the field the water quality can damage the cycle valve. So Jacuzzi stopped using this valve completely.

Because of the cost of the valve to replace, we offer the current production of the valve (smaller than the original) OR a kit to replace the existing cycle valve and install a simple manifold where all the jets will now have equal water flow.

6 Port Cycle Valve 6 Port Cycle Valve Replacement
2000-120 Kit to remove old 6 port cycle valve with manifold.

Kit includes: hoses, coupling, manifold, and instructions. Parts not included can be purchased locally.