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Spa Primer 109-Water Coming Out of the Air Control

Often customers will see water coming out the air control and assume its a failure on something doing with the air control. So they replace the air control and it may solve the problem briefly or not at all.
Where they went wrong:
Years ago I had a repeat customer that had water pouring out of his air control when the jet pump was on. Seemed logical to replace the internals of the air control and solve. So I removed the internals and installed new internals. Test spa and AOK. Another happy customer.
3 days later a callback; leaking again. Returned to customer and a stared at the air control pouring water when the jet pump was on.

This is where experience AND understanding how air controls work in tandem with jets.
The method that jets gain air to make bubbles is called the venture affect. The jets are designed that when water passing through them the jet creates a Suction and sucks air down the air line. The air control regulates how much air by some type of sleeve with holes. When the holes are aligned, full bubbles. When they are not, little/no bubbles.

What commonly happens is the jet no longer makes this suction so rather than air coming down the line to make bubbles, water goes UP the line and squirts out of the air control.

You still get water out of the jet but no bubbles.

If this happens to you, the fault is likely not in the air control but in the jet. Good thing is commonly replacing the jet nozzle solves the issue. Commonly the jet nozzle will be floppy but either way, try replacing the jet first and often it will resolve the problem. If not, the second reason for failure is the jet body (the other half of the equation). If that happens you likely will need to replace the body also.

So if you have water pouring out of your air control and no bubbles coming out of the jet, look at your nozzle first. FYI: on most jet designs the "body" of the jet is what makes the spa not leak. If your jet is this type you can remove the jet assembly, leaving the body in place, and keep things going. The spa will work fine without the jet. You won't have the spinning or directional aspect but water will come out of the jet housing until you decide what to do.