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Several years ago we came upon a suggestion from a major manufacturer of hot tubs to try using white vinegar to solve hard water problems. This is what happened:

Don't we wish the calcium/magnesium that are solids of "hard water" could just be rid of by chemicals? Add this product and hardness disappears. Think this out.

Hardness is solids. Solid don't evaporate. So they keep building up as water evaporates and more is added. There are some products that help removing hardness by making them more easy for the filter to catch. But remember, now the hardness is on the paper filter and must be cleaned off or filter replaced.

So... adding white vinegar. The recommendation was those with hard water try adding 1/3g of white vinegar next time you change the water. So we did. Spa smells like a pickle. But lo and behold, first hour the filter was packed with white power. So we applied strong solution of white vinegar and water onto the filter and rinse and the sink is full of white runoff. Returned the filter and continued. Had to do this 3 or 4 times before no more white runoff. Checked the hardness and our normally HIGH hardness water was totally fine. We de-hardened our water with vinegar. And hours later the smell was also gone.

The recommendation also was to add 1 cup of vinegar weekly if topping off the water level to account for evaporation. Did so and later cleaned the filter to remove white deposits and the spa's water quality in the hardness level remained balanced.

Sometimes the obvious is the best way. You might give it a try. Just remember, depending on your hardness, keep cleaning the filters until your solids are in a normal range.