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ClearRay UV Sanitizers

ClearRay is Jacuzzi's cutting edge approach to keep your hot tub clean. By using UV light, the water is naturally disinfected. This light neutralizes 99.9% of all waterborne pathogens and produces no offgas or other by products. Over time you will be able to use less chemicals to keep your water clean.
Used in hot tubs with 3/4" hose and 24/7 circulation pump.

JPS UV Replacement Bulb
Replacement bulb for both 115 and 230v Clear Ray systems.
Recommend replacement every year to assure full UV protection.
Replaces 6472-857

Should I pay for this? Good question. If you have good control over keeping your chemistry of the water balanced and no issues of smell and don't mind the weekly time spent doing this, then likely you don't need these. But consider...

The ClearRay UV sanitizer is cutting edge spa cleaning. All your water passes by a UV bulb that sterilizes the organics and doesn't allow them to multiply. Therefore no offgas issues.

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