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Keep It Simple is just that, SIMPLE.

Its becoming more common for test strips to only include TA, PH, and Cl/Br; 3 tests. Typically, that is sufficient.

So once a week test usually suffice. It almost becomes predictable what you will need to add, if anything. This is what happens most common:

a. TA slowly creeps up. If you started at the bottom of the TA "OK" range the water by nature will creep up. This is why typically most owners change their water 3-4 months. You will notice the TA creeps up to high in about those times. As it does the water characteristics start changing. Replacing with fresh water starts the process over again.

b. PH. It typically stays stable but you might have to add a Small Amount of PH up or PH down. SMALL amount is the key word.

c. Cl/Br. Its best to use some type of dispensing tool. Most common is the float dispenser (looks like a T). Don't use the cone shape because its better in pools. If you use floating T with tablets, the water should be close to the Cl/Br range you want. If too much, adjust back; too little, open. Jacuzzi "J" series have a dispenser that installs into the Circ Pump filter and administers sanitizer through the circ pump filter. A simple, effective approach.

d. We recommend "shocking" your spa weekly with normal use. It just an added shock to keep organics dead. Its also wise to shock after a pool party. Yuck.

e. We also like products like "Perfect Spa". It must makes your water look, feel, and smell right.