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In our Keep It Simple approach, normally we simple leave it alone. This applies to any water out of normal tap. If you can drink it, the hot tub should be OK for our first step.

We prefer to allow the hot tub to simply heat up first; so give it a day. This will allow any chemistry that affect tests and will evaporate to do so and gives you a clear picture of what your spa is doing.

So 24hrs after filling and starting check your water chemistry. Remember the general rule of thumb is TA, PH, CL/Br. First get your TA or total alkalinity correct (normally out of tap water is low end of OK). Then approach Ph. If you water is hard to help with scale keep Ph slightly below or at low level on Ph acceptable range.

Then comes the CL (chlorine) or Br (bromine). Its personal preference. Traditionally CL is more effective and less costly. But Br is getting more popular because of low order issues.

Then your TA, Ph, and Cl/Br are within range, at least a weekly service of the hot tub will give you the water quality you want.