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We rebuild the internal components of your control box with new electronics and digital topside. You send us your control box, topside, and sensors. We send back to you YOUR old control box with all components needed to get you up and running. You simply install the same control box using your old cords with your new topside and new sensors included.

We take your old failed control box:
Remove damaged components:
And install all new components with
current state of the art items including
pcboard, sensors, electronic topside,
and cords.

C5 Heater Rebuilt Control Box
Rebuild YOUR existing control box with C5 components and electronic
Rebuild YOUR control box with C5 components and NEW T7 Topside Control
Includes All New Components
New Heater/PS included!

PLEASE NOTE: We can only rebuild systems with up to 3 components and circulation pump. Maximum ability of these control systems are: a. 1 or 2 speed #1 jet pump, b. 1 speed #2 jet pump, c. 3rd jet or air blower, and d. optional circulation pump. This configuration covers 99% of systems but if you have any questions, please contact us.