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Spa Primer 106-Its Not Doing XXX

This is usually the easiest repair. The jet pump isn't coming on? Replace. The spa runs and heater light is on solid, replace the heater. Etc.

But... it might NOT be the issue. Again, this is where having knowledge of a voltmeter is critical. Lets consider an example:

"Jet 1 low speed doesn't come on!" So simple reason and probably the right one is Jet 1 pump motor has failed. BUT... it could be the board or fuse. So when the pump should be on the Tech checks voltage to the pump motor. Either at the motor, the motor cord socket, or at the board. Is there 115v or 230v going to the motor? If yes, then its the pump motor. No, then is likely the board. If you are not getting any Error codes BUT a component is not coming on AND there is no current to that component, then the board is the issue. The board is saying "All is OK" yet its not turning on the pump.

Exception: The topside Jet Button could have failed. If the topside looks damaged in any way its more likely your should replace the topside first. Especially this is true if other components don't come on.

One last issue might be the control box fuse. Again, with power OFF to the spa you check fuses with an Ohm Setting. FYI: pump motors that blow a fuse USUALLY are failing and the issue will return. But its a lot cheaper replacing the fuse to start.

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