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Spa Primer 104-Just Not Working Right

This is the challenge... Not Working Right. Unfortunately you need the spa to have a predictable failure to clearly solve its issue. If it does something occasionally, you can replace a part that might solve buy easily could be just throwing money at it. Most Techs will like to go on a service call for a spa that did XXX 2 weeks ago and then briefly couple days ago but now is fine. They can either poke around and charge the homeowner a service call and do nothing or throw a part at it. A Tech with experience with a model/brand or OEM manufacturer likely will be able to come up with a probable but having him return for another service call is likely. Conversely if he see's water squirting around and sometimes it does something, then likely repair of a leak is the solution and might save extra money. So we always encourage our customer to save money, open up the access door/panel and LOOK and LISTEN. So many times it was a loose fitting and the homeowner tighten and suddenly problem solved and it was free. Other customers don't want to do anything so they face the cost of a service call.

So... "its not working right". What does that mean? First is the spa is giving an error code. This has been a boom for homeowners and Techs alike. The spa is telling YOU what it thinks is wrong. See Primer on Error Codes: meaning and fix.

Next, no codes but "its not doing XXX". See Primer on Not Doing XXX

Next, "Its leaking" See "Leaking"

Lastly, All Others.