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Spa Primer 102-Diagnostics-Start Here

Diagnosing anything is the key to fixing and not wasting time and money. Unfortunately many a tech has been trained to throw something at the spa and hope it will solve the problem. Experienced techs listen, look, and think. Also experience with particular models or brands serve the tech well. But in the Primer, we will talk in general terms.

Part of "experience" is separating important issues from not. Customer will either say "it's not working, fix it" or load us down with everything the spa has ever done. Typically the easiest spa to fix is the dead one. The hardest is the spa that does something "every so often". Primer 103 and Primer 104 address these two directions. You will find Primer 103 straight forward; 104 a lot more thinking.

But remember, Lister, Look, and Think.