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Spa Primer 101-Intro to Hot Tubs

First we use the words "hot tub" and "spa" interchangeably.

Basically, all electrical hot tubs are the same; water is taken out of the spa, heated, and returned to the spa. In this cycle there will be some type of filtering approach. Water by nature is a breeder of organics; things grow. As an enduser you want to stop things growing. So the filter/sanitizing system is design to do just that.

For most spas, the method of heating is passing the water by an element that is warmer than the water and transferring the heat from the element to the water. Heaters/element with low resistance heat less (example 1.0k). Heaters with high resistance more. The higher the resistance the faster the heating. On an average, low resistance can actually heat 1-2 degrees per hour. Higher (4-6kw) will do 5-6 degrees per hour. Given than, you may think you simply change the heater element to higher value and get more performance. That is true but you also must weigh the coming voltage to the spa AND what the design of your spa will handle. These factors usually can be addressed by an experience spa tech. Feel free to contact us.

One small segment of the industry use a "jacket" around the heater instead of an actual heater. So water passing and surrounds the pump's motor and is heated by the heat motors make. Depending on your outside temperature this might work. Just keep in mind that winters the motor may have to stay on 24hr a day and still not keep the hot tub hot. But for inside applications this style of hot tub can work.

So the pump sucks water out of the spa, through the pump, through the heater, and back into the spa. On most Jacuzzi spas built before 2002 one of the jet pumps did this. On most of the spas built after 2002 there is a small circulation pump that does this. Advantage of the former design is the spa will completely turn off when not heating, filtering, or being used. Spas built with a 24/7 circulation pump advantage is the water is always being filtered/cleaned. Therefore products like ozonators are more effective because ozone gas is being injected into the water constantly. And test have shown a 24/7 circ pump compared to an on-demand jet pump doesn't use any more electricity. That is likely why Jacuzzi has adopted 24/7 circ pump across the board.