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The following are general steps that apply to most pumps used by hot tub manufacturers.

Step 1: Remove the cover from the front of the wetend. It may have 4-10 screws/bolts. Pry the cover off.

Step 2: Place a large flat screwdriver into the opposite end of the motor shaft to make the shaft stationary.
Step 3: While holding the motor shaft in place with the screwdriver use the other hand to unscrew the old impeller from the shaft. Industry standard are that motor shafts screw into impeller. So "lefty loosy" should remove the old impeller. Over time the two parts can meld but you must remove the old impeller to go forward.

Step 4. Identify and LOOSEN the 4 motor bolts on the cord end of the motor that hold BOTH the motor together and the wetend/pump to the motor. ONLY loosen enough to detach pump from the motor. Leave the bolts inside the motor to hold the motor components together.

Step 5: Its usually easiest to install the new seal into the pump housing before you install onto the motor. The mechanical seal is made of 2 parts. 1/2 goes into the pump housing and 1/2 goes onto the stem of the impeller. As shown you want to install the 1/2 of the seal that makes up the white ceramic donut and rubber seal. The rubber seal inserts into the housing boot. When installed you will only see the outer edge of the rubber seal and the white donut.

Step 6: Install the other half of the seal onto the impeller's stem. The flat rubber side of the seal slides onto the stem and back until the seal is FLAT against the impeller's wall. The black plastic end with compress against the ceramic seal in the housing. Also check that this half of the seal will compress easily where the spring is. This compression will cause the seal to lock water inside the pump.

Step 7: Slide the impeller onto the motor shaft and screw the shaft into the impeller until snug. The nose of the impeller MAY have a separate eyeseal/wear ring. If it does install. This eyeseal/ring may be tight on the nose of the impeller or float.

Step 8: Install the large oring and cover onto the pump housing. Tighten bolts/screws to snug only.

You have a rebuilt wetend/pump.