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Is your Hot Tub getting too hot??? Summer time can cause issues with spas overheating. Lets consider what those issues could be.
> Is it overheating because of lack of water flow during heating? If you have a normal amount of water in the spa (above all jets) try cooling the water and removing the filter to see it that solves. If it does the filter(s) are likely the issue.

> If you are getting an OH error but the water is not hot, See the ERROR CODE link under the "Start Repair" link to left.

> Are you getting an OH error and the water IS HOT? If so, does the temperature readout on your topside fairly accurate? CAUTION: "feeling" the water is not good enough. Use an alternate testing such as an outdoor thermometer or even a digital mouth thermometer. If yes, the topside and actual temp is the same, then likely you have a failed board. If the sensor is accurate it means the board is ignoring the actual temp and keeping the heater ON. If the temp readout is lower than actual temperature, then most likely its the temperature sensor. But BEFORE you replace the board, see the following:

> Is the overheat situation caused by Summer Heat? The Sun and outside temp can bring the hot tub water up to HOT and then when you add the filtering, make it hotter. So the heater never comes on but the water get HOT. If so, you can try 2 things: first, change the filtering time to early morning and late afternoon/evening. This will make sure when the spa is filtering its adding the least amount of heat. Filtering in the middle of the day quickly will add a couple degrees each day that doesn't escape. So you end up with a HOT tub. If you spa has a feature to shorten the filtering times do so. Note that you NEED to filter the spa daily at least 2 hours each day. For most applications 1 hour in morning and 1 hour in evening is enough. But if you see water quality changing add longer times. If you don't filter the hot tub water will be HOT and organics will grow. Shorter filter cycle and early am and late pm cycle usually will solve overheating problems.

> Last and according to some of our customers, prop something between the spa cover and spa to allow heat to escape. The industry works very hard to minimize the heat loss for winter but this bites you in the summer. So allowing the heater to escape during the summer can solve the issue. Just remember the heat loss will also mean loss of moisture so you likely will need to add more water each week to keep the proper level.