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Step Nine: How Your Hot Tub Jets Work

Some models share heating and jet action. Many have the jet and heaters separate. See Step Eight for heating layout.

Water Path:
For JET action, 2 things must be present: water flow and air.

Water Flow: Water floats through the filter, through the pump, and through the jet. Some flow patterns have the water from the pump go to a "manifold" and from the manifold even amount of water flows to the jets. The other common layout is the piping runs from jet to jet. Downside of this layout is the jets toward the end will have a weaker flow.

Air Flow: Jets are designed to create suction as water flows through the assembly. This is commonly called the venturi affect. The way it works is the design of the jet has a venture that as water flows through it the jet produces a suction. That suction sucks air down the air line. At the end of the airline is usually some type of air flow control. It can be a simple On/Off control that allows no air or full air to flow to the jet OR a gradual sleeve air control that you can open or close as much as you want.