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How Do You Test Power to Your Pump Motor?

Step One: LOW SPEED. 2 Speed motors have a LOW and HIGH winding. As shown in this picture the LINE/Neutral is the top lug and the HIGH and Low Line Connection are second and third lug. You MUST check your motor label to determine which is true on your motor. Location is not universal.

The voltmeter is set for VOLTS above 300vac. Placing the 2 probes CAREFULLY on Common and Low (as shown) when low pump SHOULD be on you should have 220-240vac. If you DO and the motor is not coming on, then you have a failed Low winding on the motor. Replace.

Follow the same principle on the HIGH winding. You keep the Red probe on the NEUTRAL and this time place the Black probe on the HIGH SPEED lug on the motor. You do this when the HIGH speed is powered from the pcboard. If correct voltage is present, you have a failed high winding. If not, something inside the control box or topside is the issue.

The fault for either COULD be the motor fuse, usually 20a, 25a, or 30a. See "How To" check your fuses. Be aware if one of these fuses are blown it usually means the motor is failing and will need to be replaced soon.