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Step Five: Error Codes and Their Meaning

There are MANY different error codes. We listed the most common first and then least common.

FLO(solid), FLO2, PS2, FL(solid) This Flow error means the control box see the flow switch or pressure switch is stuck Closed. Replace whichever you have.
FLO(flashing), FLO1, PS1, FL(flashing) The control box has turned the circulation or low speed jet pump on to heat. The board doesn't see enough or no water moving. If you DO see water moving, try removing the filters and turning the spa on again. If removing the filters you still see water moving but same error, replace the flow switch or pressure switch, whichever your spa has.
If you do NOT see water moving, one of two issues have occurred; the pump has failed or the board has. The only way to tell for sure which is with a voltmeter. Usually its a pump/motor issue.
OH, OHT, Ht, OHH, OHS The board see the heater or spa's water is above 110-112 degrees. If neither the heater or spa water is HOT, then its likely the OH sensor or temp sensor. In rare cases its the board.
If the water IS HOT, there are too possibilities: the sensor or the board. If the topside temp readout is accurate, the board is likely the fault. If the topside temp is giving a wrong, then focus on the temp sensor first.
Exception is summer. Solar heat and little heat loss can overheat a hot tub. You can try changing filter cycle, prop the cover up to allow heat to escape, or turn the spa's set temp down to avoid the spa shutting off due to OH.
Sn1, Sn2, Sn3, Sn, Hts, Temperature sensor or OH sensor is tripped or out of normal range. Normally you replace.
ICE, Cool, FC, IC, ICE2 Water is cold. The unit will automatically turn the jet pumps on to keep water moving to avoid freezing.
HOT Control box senses the control is too hot and shutting down.
PnL Cord between topside panel and board has failed. Usually just a bad connection.
HOLD Pressing buttons too fast.

Less Common Error Codes
***Flow/Pressure Switch. Either not opening or not closing
***OH Sensor has failed
---Water overheated, electronic fault
-1OH sensor failure
-2Temperature sensor failure
-3Pressure Switch or Flow Switch Is Not Closing
-4Pressure Switch or Flow Switch stuck closed
-7OH Sensor failure
-OH Sensor or Temp Sensor failure
-Temp Sensor not in range
1Stuck touchpad button
2Not connected to controller
3 Temp Sensor failure
4Water sensor or pressure switch failure
5Temp sensor failure or overheat
6OH tripped
7Heater relay stuck
9Lack of water flow
131OH tripped. Either sensor fault or water overheated
A1/A2-ERAuxiliary component failure
AOHAuxiliary component overheat
BJ2POH Tripped. Either sensor fault or overheat
BL-ERBlower failure
C4.4OH Sensor failure
CSpa is in Celsius mode
Cd, CLdCold Water. Freeze Condition
CE 01Touchpad button stuck
CE 02Topside can't communicate with control
CE 03Temp Sensor failure
CE 04Water sensor or Pressure Switch error
CE 05Temperature sensor error or overheat
CE 06 OH sensor tripped on heater
CE 07Heater relay is stuck
CE 08 Temperature Sensor failure
CE 09Water flow issue
CLTime of Day
COLCold water 20 degrees below set temperature
CoLdCold water 40 degrees below set temperature
CoolCold water 20 degrees below set temperature
CP-ERCirculation Pump issue
dr, dy, dryNo or little water flow over heater element
E0Temperature sensor failure
E1Temperature sensor failure
E3OH sensor failure
E4Pressure or Flow Switch failure
Ecdu, Ecn, Econ Economy mode. Limited operation
EOTemperature sensor failure
Er0, Er1Temperature sensor failure
Er2, Er3OH sensor failure
err 1Either water flow issue or pressure/flow switch failure
err3Keyboard touchpad button stuck
err4Water sensor/pressure switch failure
err5Temp sensor failure or overheated spa
err6OH sensor on heater tripped needing reset
err7Stuck heater relay
err8Temperature Sensor failure
ErrSoftware on board failure
Error 3Button on touchpad topside stuck
Error 4Water sensor or pressure switch failure
Error 5Temperature sensor failure or spa water overheat
Error 6OH sensor on heater tripped; reset
Error 7Heater relay stuck
Error 8Temperature sensor failure
F24 hrs filter cycle
F48 hrs filter cycle
F612 hrs filter cycle
FSpa set for fahrenheit
FB-ERFiber optics error
FCSpa on continuous filter mode
FLCPressure switch failure
FiduFilter mode
FlonFilter mode
FN-ERCooling fan failure
FP, Fr, FrEWater below 40 degrees and spa is in freeze protect
H2OLack water flow
HFLSensors out balance. Likely need new sensor
HiLi, HLErWater temp above set point
HL, HH, OHHWater above 118 degrees
L1, L2Panel Locked. Enter code
LFLow water flow
LOFreeze condition
O3-EROzone failure
OPOpen circuit sensor
P1,P2, P3-ERPump 1, 2, or 3 failure
PrhOH sensor failure
PrrTemperature sensors alarm
PSWater sensor or pressure switch failure
PSoCPressure switch failure on circulation mode
PSoHPressure switch failure on high speed pump
PSoLPressure switch failure on low speed pump
RH-NCTopside not connected to board
RH-NFNo water flow at heater
RH-NHSpa not heating
SA, SnA, SnH,
Sb, Snb, Snt
Sensor failure
SESpa in Economy mode
SEoPFailed sensor
SESHShorted sensor
SHShorted temp sensor
SnaSensor in Jack A failed
SnbSensor in Jack B failed