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Step Five: Error Codes and Their Meaning

FLO(solid), FLO2, PS2, FL(solid) This Flow error means the control box see the flow switch or pressure switch is stuck Closed. Replace whichever you have.
FLO(flashing), FLO1, PS1, FL(flashing)The control box has turned the circulation or low speed jet pump on to heat. The board doesn't see enough or no water moving. If you DO see water moving, try removing the filters and turning the spa on again. If removing the filters you still see water moving but same error, replace the flow switch or pressure switch, whichever your spa has.
If you do NOT see water moving, one of two issues have occurred; the pump has failed or the board has. The only way to tell for sure which is with a voltmeter. Usually its a pump/motor issue.
OH, OHT, HtThe board see the heater or spa's water is above 110-112 degrees. If neither the heater or spa water is HOT, then its likely the OH sensor or temp sensor. In rare cases its the board.
If the water IS HOT, there are too possibilities: the sensor or the board. If the topside temp readout is accurate, the board is likely the fault. If the topside temp is giving a wrong, then focus on the temp sensor first.
Exception is summer. Solar heat and little heat loss can overheat a hot tub. You can try changing filter cycle, prop the cover up to allow heat to escape, or turn the spa's set temp down to avoid the spa shutting off due to OH.
Sn1, Sn2, Sn3, Sn, Hts, Temperature sensor or OH sensor is tripped or out of normal range. Normally you replace.
ICE, Cool, FCWater is cold. The unit will automatically turn the jet pumps on to keep water moving to avoid freezing.
HOTControl box senses the control is too hot and shutting down.
PnLCord between topside panel and board has failed. Usually just a bad connection.
HOLDPressing buttons too fast.