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Step Three: Control box not applying current to component

If the incoming power to the control box IS correct and you are not getting any power to the component (by checking the voltage) then either the issue is the topside control or the board (some cases, both).

Digital topside are great because they can give you information on what is or is not happening. ASSUMING you have no Error Codes on your topside and one component doesn't come on. Listen. If you hear the relay close/open as you press the topside button, its usually perfect proof the component is bad. The board is applying power to the relay which is opening/closing but component is not coming on. BEST practice is to test the voltage at the component or at least where the component cord connects to the control box.

If you do not hear/see the relay closing and opening when you press down on the topside, its tough to isolate which has failed. Often LOOKING at the topside is a good clue. If the buttons or the membrane that protects the topside electronics are broken and leaking, then it makes sense you need a new topside. Also looking at the board will indicate that some burning has occurred on the board and the board needs replacing. If all looks perfectly fine, then likely its a topside control.