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Start: What's Wrong?

Often we get a call and the customer says "It doesn't work!". That can mean a host of possibilities. "It doesn't work NORMALLY" or "It isn't coming on" or simply "Everything works but the xxx". So to help our customer, first we have to know where to start.

"It isn't coming on" allows us to start with incoming electrical. Again, that means NOTHING is coming on. You need to have a working knowledge of electrical and a volt/ohm meter. Then go to Step 2:

"Everything works but the xxx" This allows us to know some electrical if not all current the spa needs is present. Its a good practice to start with the above STEP 2 first. If the control box is coming on but not giving power to the component you need to go to Step 3.

"It doesn't work Normally". This is the hardest because sometimes spas do something weird sometimes but not always. Its like going to the doctor and saying "last week I had a pain here but its been gone for a week. What do you think it is?" The doctor, or in this case the tech, can poke around but if its not broken, its hard to fix. Usually you have to wait until the thing breaks although HOT pump motors indicate issues with the pump motor and other failures can be deduced with some accuracy. But most often it has to fail to really point to the problem.

For YOU, that gets frustrating. We want our hot tub working not "hoping" its working. Because of so many possibilities, its usually better to email us at spageeks@clearcreekspas.com. Often we know a characteristic of that production that will produce the problem you have and we can have confidence doing this or that will solve. Some things are just odd. Example: I had one customer who hot tub worked perfectly UNLESS there was a LOW pressure weather front over the state. When that happened his spa failed. We did figure it out but it took a period of time to do so.

Often the customer doesn't realize that its not a failure but part of the operation of the spa. Usually we will know that and will be happy to share when you email us.

But unfortunately, sometimes we have to wait and see what it is. I have an out of state customers that paid a local tech $100 to come out and look and the spa was operating fine. But he guessed it was XXX was failing. They replaced it and the problem came back. The customer paid the tech AGAIN to return and AGAIN guess. Because the tech didn't know the characteristic of that model he didn't realize the problem was a simple $30 part. When the homeowner emailed us and we suggested he replaced the $30 part and he did and solved the problem. He spent $500 on parts he didn't need.

So experience (we have been doing since 1995) is a valuable asset we offer you. Just email us if this Help doesn't help. And of course we hope you buy from us and keep us in business.