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2005-06 J-315
(spa specs on bottom of page)

Jacuzzi LED 1 Pump J-200/300 Topside Jacuzzi 115v Circ Pump Circulation 24/7 Laing Generic 115v 3/4" Barb
2002+ LED 1 Pump
List Price: $300.00
Our Price: $189.00
Savings: $111.00
LED 4 Button Topside.
1 Pump spa
Replaces 2600-321, 2600-301
OEM Jacuzzi/Sundance Circ pump with cord. 110-120vac
Replaces 6500-038, 6500-460

Replacement Laing Circ pump with cord.
3/4" barb fittings.
Used on spa where voltage to circ pump is 110-120vac.

Replaces 6500-038, 6500-460, 9338-10 , 10-0120 , 6050U0015 , 6846 , 6860 , 6865 , 6958 , 733886739893 , 73989 , E10-NSHN1W-19 , LHB07100139, B004VU8BN8
J300, J200 OEM Replacement Filter Jacuzzi Flow Switch-Curl Finger Jacuzzi Flow Switch-Curl Finger
Filter Handle, 6 3/4" x 15 1/2", 2" SAE, 60 sqft
List Price: $70.05
Our Price: $43.31
Savings: $26.74
Flow Switch-Sundance
Our Price: $41.25
OEM Filter from Jacuzzi.
Most common filter used in J Series Hot Tubs
60 sq/ft, Removable Handle, Threaded Bottom.

Same As: 6540-476, 6541-383, 6000-383, 81-383
Flow Switch-Curl Finger-Jacuzzi 2 Barbed with Box End Connectors without Plug-Sundance
6500-063 Jacuzzi Motor Bracket Jacuzzi 1.5hp 115v Pump Motor Complete
Heater-U; 115/230v, 4kw
List Price: $306.00
Our Price: $209.00
Savings: $97.00
Jacuzzi 2009+ 48 FRAME Pump Motor Bracket
List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $30.00
Savings: $15.00
Replacement U shape heater for J-310, J-315, and some J-325
Replaces 6500-063
Motor Bracket (reusable) 48 FRAME
New style motors require this bracket. If you already have installed, you can reuse. If not, install new and reuse.
Replaces 6000-532

Complete New Generation 1.5hp wetend including motor
Mounting bracket sold separately.
115v, 2 Speed, 1.5hp
Replaces 6500-345
FX Assembly w/o SS Escutcheon Jet FX-2 w/o SS Escutcheon-NO SPIN LX Upgrade Kit
Jet FX Assembly w/o SS Escutcheon
List Price: $10.41
Our Price: $9.90
Sale Price: $5.55
Savings: $4.86
Jet FX-2 w/o SS Escutcheon-NO SPIN
List Price: $21.15
Our Price: $999.99
Jet LX Upgrade Kit
List Price: $18.75
Our Price: $13.75
Savings: $5.00
Note long stem in back.
All Light and Dark Gray Plastic
Replaces 6540-555
OBSOLETE: Must Replace With 2540-192

No spinning nozzle.

Replaces 6541-185

Oval Pillow and Frame Combo-JPS/JHT Oval Pillow and Frame Combo-JPS/JHT 6600-286
JHT Pillow Oval and Frame Combo 2002-Present
List Price: $40.95
Our Price: $31.27
Savings: $9.68
LED J-310, 315, 325, 230, and 280
List Price: $381.00
Our Price: $266.70
Savings: $114.30
For J-300 Models 2014+ AND Can be installed on ALL J-300 Models Using the 2 Part Oval Pillow
Combo comes with BOTH outer dark frame AND inner oval pillow WITH LENS.
Can be used in either with or without lens application.
Includes 2455-105 frame AND 2560-908 insert.
Replaces 2472-826

Replacement PCB for spas with 24/7 circ pump and ONE Jet Pump.
Replaces 6600-086, 6600-286, 6600-044, 6600-244
Delzone APG Dual Voltage Ozonator ProClear Mineral Treatment Jacuzzi Sensor - Temperature LED w/Curled Finger
Ozonator APG Delzone with Crimp Connectors 115/230v
List Price: $189.00
Our Price: $99.00
Savings: $90.00
ProClear Mineral Treatment
List Price: $44.88
Our Price: $31.41
Savings: $13.47
With Crimp connection.
The ProClear snaps into the removable filter cap on most J-300 and J-400 series. The mineral sanitizer supports your primary sanitizing agent and helps reduce odors and residue. Often used with a good ozonator allowing for little supplementary oxidizer. Do not use with bromine or biquanides. Replace every 4-5 months. Replacement Temperature Sensor Using Curled Finger Connections
Replaces 6600-166
Jacuzzi Sensor - Temperature O-Ring Jacuzzi Sensor OH LED w/Curled Fingers
Temperature Sensor O-ring
Replaces 6540-228
Overheat Sensor Replacement with Curl Finger Connections
Replaces 6600-144