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2004 J-355
(Spa specs on bottom of page)

Jacuzzi 2002+ LCD Topside 10 Buttons Topside 6000-125 6000-125
2002+ LCD Topside 10 Buttons
List Price: $534.00
Our Price: $336.00
Savings: $198.00
LCD Topside and Cord
5 buttons on top/5 buttons on bottom
Replaces 2600-323
OEM Circ pump with cord.
3/4" barb fittings.
Used on spa where voltage to circ pump is 220-240vac. CHECK old pump label to confirm voltage.

Replaces 6500-035, 6000-125

Laing Circ pump with cord and 3/4" barb fittings. 220-240vac
Replaces 6500-035, 6000-125
Direct replacement using universal mount instead of JPS bracket. Fits in same place.
J300, J200 OEM Replacement Filter 6500-403 Jacuzzi Motor Bracket
Filter Handle, 6 3/4" x 15 1/2", 2" SAE, 60 sqft
List Price: $70.05
Our Price: $43.31
Savings: $26.74
Heater-U; 230v, 5.5kw, Clamp Connections
List Price: $294.00
Our Price: $209.45
Savings: $84.55
Jacuzzi 2009+ 48 FRAME Pump Motor Bracket
List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $30.00
Savings: $15.00
OEM Filter from Jacuzzi.
Most common filter used in J Series Hot Tubs
60 sq/ft, Removable Handle, Threaded Bottom.

Same As: 6540-476, 6541-383, 6000-383, 81-383
Replacement U shape heater for Low Flow Series Hot tubs with LCD topside control.
Heater cord clamps onto board. Uses clamp connection as shown.
Replaces 6500-403

Jacuzzi Models:
  • 2002-03 J-350, J-360, J-370, J-380
  • 2004 J-355, J-365, J-375, J-385
  • 2005-06 J-385

Sundance Models:

  • 2011+ Select Constance and Victoria
  • 2008+ 680 Burlington, Hartford, and Hawthorne WITH Circ Pump
  • 2007+ 680 Hartford and Hawthorne WITH Circ Pump
  • 2007+ 780 Hamilton, Chelsee, Certa, and Camden
  • 2003-2006 Palermo, Bahia, and Cayman
Motor Bracket (reusable) 48 FRAME
New style motors require this bracket. If you already have installed, you can reuse. If not, install new and reuse.
Replaces 6000-532

Jacuzzi 2.5hp 230v Pump Complete Bracketless FX Assembly w/o SS Escutcheon LX Upgrade Kit
Jacuzzi 2009+ Pump/Motor Complete 2.5hp 230v 1 or 2 Speed-48 Frame
List Price: $675.00
Our Price: $367.00
Savings: $308.00
Jet FX Assembly w/o SS Escutcheon
List Price: $10.41
Our Price: $9.90
Sale Price: $5.55
Savings: $4.86
Jet LX Upgrade Kit
List Price: $18.75
Our Price: $13.75
Savings: $5.00
Complete Pump and Motor. Requires bracket already installed or purchased separately.
New generation that has no motor bracket. Must purchase bracket if replacing with this motor.
Replaces 6500-343, 6500-341
High Speed 3450rpm; low speed 1725rpm
Can be used in EITHER 1 or 2 speed applications.
Check VOLTAGE on motor to confirm you motor is 220-240vac

Note long stem in back.
All Light and Dark Gray Plastic
Replaces 6540-555
MX Powerpro Jet SX Jet Assembly Oval Pillow and Frame Combo-JPS/JHT
Jet MX PowerPro Housing/Nozzle
List Price: $27.87
Our Price: $19.51
Savings: $8.36
Comes with gasket. 1" Barb fittings
Older units with glued in plumbing to MX will have to modify plumbing to match MX 1" barb fitting.
Replaces 6540-733, 6540-743

Generic Gray Face replacement for SX jets.
Dark Gray replacements on longer available.
Replaces 6540-336, 6540-348
As Shown.
For J-300 Models 2014+ AND Can be installed on ALL J-300 Models Using the 2 Part Oval Pillow
Oval Pillow and Frame Combo-JPS/JHT 6600-730 6600-726
JHT Pillow Oval and Frame Combo 2002-Present
List Price: $40.95
Our Price: $31.27
Savings: $9.68
LCD J-300 and J-400 Series with One 2 Speed and One 1 Speed Jet Pumps
List Price: $825.00
Our Price: $489.27
Savings: $335.73
LED J-330, 335, 340, 345, 355, 365, and 375 w/Circ Pump
List Price: $432.00
Our Price: $286.00
Savings: $146.00
Combo comes with BOTH outer dark frame AND inner oval pillow WITH LENS.
Can be used in either with or without lens application.
Includes 2455-105 frame AND 2560-908 insert.
Replaces 2472-826

J300 and J400 Series Using LCD Topside
Replaces 6600-092, 6600-180, 6600-730
Replacement PC Board for models WITH Circ Pump
Replaces 6600-088, 6600-288, 6000-167, 6600-726
Delzone APG Dual Voltage Ozonator ProClear Mineral Treatment Pump 2002-2009 Pump/Motor Complete 2.5hp JPS 230v 1 or 2 Sp with Generic Motor
Ozonator APG Delzone with Crimp Connectors 115/230v
List Price: $189.00
Our Price: $99.00
Savings: $90.00
ProClear Mineral Treatment
List Price: $44.88
Our Price: $31.41
Savings: $13.47
With Crimp connection.
The ProClear snaps into the removable filter cap on most J-300 and J-400 series. The mineral sanitizer supports your primary sanitizing agent and helps reduce odors and residue. Often used with a good ozonator allowing for little supplementary oxidizer. Do not use with bromine or biquanides. Replace every 4-5 months. Complete pump and motor WITH Mounting Bracket welded on.
Replaces 2.5 OEM pump/motors 2002-2009
You get OEM 2.5 wetend with a generic motor with same mounting bracket as before.
Includes mounting bracket welded to motor. 2002-2009 style.
High Speed 3450rpm; low speed 1725rpm

Replaces: 6500-761,6500-707,6500-769

Jacuzzi Sensor - Temperature O-Ring Jacuzzi Sensor OH with Box Finger Jacuzzi Sensor Temperature with Box Finger
Temperature Sensor O-ring
Replaces 6540-228
LCD OH Sensor. 32"
Short Cord (most common)
Temperature Sensor for most LCD topside controls. 12'
Box Finger ends