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READING Your Motor Specs:

a. Gives motor's Frame Number. Most common is 48 or 48y. 56 Frame is also becoming common in hot tubs.b. RPM. 1 speed motors usually have a 3450 rating.
b. Horsepower. There are 2 ratings shown. 2 and .25. This is the high and low hp rating. This motor can handle up to a 2 hp pump/wetend.
c. RPM: Because this is a 2 speed motor, both high and low speed are shown. These speeds are standard for hot tub motors. See Below How To Use 2 Speed Motor on 1 Speed Applications
c. VOLTS: This motor ONLY operates on 230v. It will tolerate 220-240vac.

WIRING Cord to Motor:

#2 Lug is LINE or White wire on your cord.

#3 Lug is the HIGH speed winding of the motor. Most manufacturers use the BLACK wire of the cord for HIGH. But check with your old motor to make sure.

#4 Lug is the LOW speed winding of the motor. Most common is RED cord wire to LOW.

Green is Ground and mounts to the case of the motor at the Green Screw.

ALTERNATE: It's becoming more common to have a TWO Speed motor but only wire the HIGH speed and operate it as a One Speed. When doing this you will NOT have a 4 wire cord. You will have a 3 wire, Black, White, and Green. Green goes to Ground. White goes to Common or "Line" as shown in above picture. Black wire goes to HIGH. Nothing connects to "Low". Now you have a One Speed Motor.