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READING Your Motor Specs:

a. Gives motor's horsepower. Sometimes you see the "break horsepower" or two HP ratings. The highest is the hp without any water. Focus on the lower rating as what you want. The hp of the motor can be higher that the pump but not the opposite..
b. RPM. 1 speed motors usually have a 3450 rating.
c. VOLTS. The pictured motor can either be field set for 115v or 230v. The diagram on the right shows you how to set the correct voltage. Usually you have to move one or two wires internally for the motor voltage and then connect the cord as shown. In this example, to change the motor from 115v to 230v the Brown wire is moved to a holding lug and the White wire is moved to where the Brown wire was. Doing this the motor will now operate on 230v.
d. FRAME. Sometimes the motor is missing the Frame number. "Frame" means the size of pump/wetend that is attached to the motor. Most common is 48 but some are 56.

WIRING Cord to Motor:

In this example we want 230v motor.
So the Brown wire is placed in #6 insulated Pocket. The White wire is moved to #3.

The BLACK wire on the Cord is placed in the #1 Line connection.
The WHITE wire on the Cord is placed in the #4 Position.
The GREEN wire is attached to the Green Screw Ground.