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READING Your Motor's Specs:

a. 3450/1725 are the 2 speeds, high and low. This identifies the motor is a 2 speed motor.
b. Volts 115. Hot tubs have either a 115v or 230v motor. NEVER install a wrong voltage motor. Within a voltage is tolerance. In this case 110-120vac would be acceptable.
c. FRAME 48 or 48y. This is the most common size used in hot tubs. The "size" is determined by the distance between the bolts that run through the motor and attach to the pump/wetend. Although 48 is the most common, 56 is becoming more common.

WIRING Cord to Motor:

#3 - This is your "Common" or white wire. Connect your cord end to this post.
#H - Line High. This is your high speed wire. It could be either Red or Black depending on control manufacturer.
#L - Line Low. This is your low speed wire. It will be the opposite or remaining wire of your cord.
Green - Ground (green) wire attaches here.