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Likely your hot tub is design to drain well to winterize or store. Universally having drain plug or valves are on most hot tubs. But you should consider also doing these things:
a. Remove any water remaining in the footwell.
b. Loosen each pump fitting to allow water to drain. If the pump has a drain plug, loosen to allow to drain.
c. Loosen BOTH connections to your heater. This will allow both water to drain but also allow the heater to dry. Left over moisture can harm heater elements.
d. Vacuum each jet face. This isn't really all that necessary but without question can remove water from jet and plumbing.
e. Lastly, look at your plumbing from a level viewpoint. On some spas the manufacturer built manifolds flat on the bottom level of the spa. When you drain out the water it might not remove enough water from these manifolds. Often loosing a fitting will allow these manifolds to drain.

In theory, a properly drained hot tub will not need an spa antifreeze installed. That is a judgment call on your part.