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Topside Error Codes:
Sn1High Limit Sensor Error-Means either the OH sensor is no longer operating correctly, disconnected from board, or the board itself has failed. Most likely its a failed OH sensor.
Sn2Temperature Sensor Error-Means either the Temp sensor is no longer operating correctly, disconnected from board, or the board itself has failed. Start with replacing the Temp Sensor.
SNMeans EITHER the Temp or OH sensor has triggered. Most common is the OH sensor to cause this error. Could be the temp sensor or could be the board.
Solid FLOAlmost always means the pressure or flow switch has failed. Replace. Uncommon is the board has failed.
Flashing FLO2Flashing means either the FL error is flashing or flashing between other codes or temperature. This is the most common error. What it means is the board thinks it has turned on the low speed/circ pump and doesn't see water moving. First remove the filters to see if that solves. If not, do you see water moving? If yes, replace switch. Could be the pcboard but likely the switch.
If you do NOT see water moving, the switch is operating correctly. Most likely the failure is the low speed pump or circ pump. Conclusive test is whether correct voltage is going to that component.
COOL or ICEMeans the water is cold. The board will turn on all jets to avoid freezing. This error will stop when the water heats up.
OHThis means the board sees an overheat situation. If the spa's water is NOT hot, then suspect the heater is. Turn off main power. Unplug the #1 pump or circ pump from the control box. Power up. Do you HEAR boiling? If not and it goes to an flashing FL or FLO error, then likely failure is the OH sensor or board. If you DO hear boiling, that is the heater coming on when it shouldn't. You must replace the board.
--- or ----"Watchdog" mode which means basically there is a problem but the board doesn't know what. By far the most common is the failure of the temp sensor. Start there. Next it could be the board, topside, transformer, even the ozonator. But fortunately its likely the temp sensor
Error Only on LCD topsides
HoldChanging modes too fast. Short timeout executed by board. Will automatically reset.
HOTControl box area is overheating. Will reset when area cools down.
PnLConnection from topside control panel and board is faulty.
Sn3Failure of Temperature Sensor