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Some of our customers want to make their weekends simple or their hot tub is a larger size than the kit will fit. They don't mind getting out the screw gun but they don't want to cut and trim. Factory Custom Siding is the answer. You get everything pre-cut. You tell us what you want and we cut to your specs. Obviously since these are custom parts the kit can not be returned for any reason. Standard warranty still applies.

PRICE: $950.00 delivered to lower 48 excluding outer islands.

Although the kits can be built for 3 sides spas, the price does not change.

Send a drawing and measurements to spageeks@clearcreekspas.com. We will review and respond including lead time. Typical lead time for custom kits are 3-5 weeks depending on season.

Below are some examples of custom panels and what you need to do.

Example A

Example B
Both A and B are common designs. Each piece is cut to your specs. We need measurements for each panel.
What You DOSend us:
a. Your name and daytime phone number.
b. The drawing of your panels and measuresments.
c. Color choice.
d. Upon receipt we will review and discuss with you. When approved by you we will get all delivery information and credit card information. Credit Cards are charged before the panels are manufacturered.
e. You panels will be manufacturered and delivered to your curb. Note that full length width panels usually have to be cut in half due to shipping constrants. But we will discuss with you before we process.