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These replacement synthetic kits are built by highwood USA.

  • Synthetic panels are ultra low maintenance only requiring an occasional wash with soapy water.
  • The colors are deep, rich, and natural.
  • No wood fibers are mixed into the material... its not a composite. It is a true synthetic that will not fade or fall victim to moisture damage or absorption.
  • These panels are solid throughout, not veneer with inferior sublayers.
  • Highwood is harder than actual redwood. It will not splinter, rot, warp, water damage, fungal decay, or termite damage.
  • Eco-friendly materials are non-toxic and encapsulated that will not leech into the environment.

Highwood USA of Pennsylvania is a leader in spa siding built for famous name brand hot tub manufactures. These panels come with a 10 year warranty (see actual warranty) when used in residential environment.

Spa Kit Replacement Siding
List Price: $1,249.99
Our Price: $776.00
Sale Price: $707.20
Savings: $542.79
Replacement Spa Siding--Better Than New
Flex Corner or Square Corners

Our Regular Price: $776.00
Our LONGER than SPRING SALE Price: $707.20