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2008 J-210, 220 WITHOUT Circ Pump
2009 J-210 WITHOUT Circ Pump
2010 J-210 WITHOUT Circ Pump
2011 J-210 WITHOUT Circ Pump

Jacuzzi 2008+ J-200 Series LED 1 Pump Topside 6000-338 Jacuzzi Motor Bracket
2008+ J-200 Series LED 1 Pump
List Price: $270.00
Our Price: $189.00
Savings: $81.00
Heater Horizontal 4.0kw
List Price: $201.60
Our Price: $156.12
Savings: $45.48
Jacuzzi 2009+ 48 FRAME Pump Motor Bracket
List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $30.00
Savings: $15.00
LED 4 Button Topside.
1 Pump spa
Replaces 2600-333
Stainless Steel Heater 120/240v, 4kw.

Used On:
DelSol, J-210, 315, 325
2006+ Denali and Tacoma
2000-2002 Bali
2003-2005 Redondo and Hermosa

Replaces 6000-338
Motor Bracket (reusable) 48 FRAME
New style motors require this bracket. If you already have installed, you can reuse. If not, install new and reuse.
Replaces 6000-532

Jacuzzi 1.5hp 115v Pump Motor Complete 6600-722 Generic Replacement Pressure Switch
LED J-210, 220, and Del Sol Hot Tubs w/o Circ Pump
List Price: $381.00
Our Price: $266.70
Savings: $114.30
Complete New Generation 1.5hp wetend including motor
Mounting bracket sold separately.
115v, 2 Speed, 1.5hp
Replaces 6500-345
Replacement PCB for Hot Tubs without Circ Pump
Replaces 6600-042, 6600-089, 6600-289, 6600-722, 03-722
Generic Replacement Pressure Switch
Mostly plastic for long life.
Low Flow Heater Pressure Switch Jacuzzi Sensor - Temperature LED w/Curled Finger Jacuzzi Sensor - Temperature O-Ring
Pressure Switch Low Flow 2lb
List Price: $35.79
Our Price: $26.05
Savings: $9.74
Our most popular low pressure switch.
Has plastic threads so you need to be careful not to cross-thread when installing.
Replacement Temperature Sensor Using Curled Finger Connections
Replaces 6600-166
Temperature Sensor O-ring
Replaces 6540-228
Jacuzzi Sensor OH LED w/Curled Fingers
Overheat Sensor Replacement with Curl Finger Connections
Replaces 6600-144