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OEM Replacement Pillows

Everyone wants to know why pillows fall apart. Over the years we have seen really soft pillows curl up and die and hard pillows resist aging. So it leaves the pillow manufacturer the task of making the pillow soft but not affected by gas and water.

If you think of it, the pillow is subjected to a harsh environment. First, the gas the is released to the cavity between the cover and water. Over time that gas builds. The "offgas" will by its nature harm the spa's cover, plastic, and PILLOW. So if you have are using too much chemicals or other reasons there are gases in the pillow area, any way you can reduce the gas will help plastic/foam to last longer.

Next some just put too much water into the spa and the pillows soak all the time.

Therefore, to make maximum life of pillows, make sure you minimize offgas (we have customers that remove the pillows if they know they will not be using the hot tub) and make sure the pillow isn't soaking in water. Lastly, try "303 Protectant" or like to treat the pillow for longevity.