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Ozonators, ProClear and ClearRay Sanitizers.

Delzone APG Dual Voltage Ozonator with JJ Ozone Hose Line Ozone Check Valve
This unit comes with Mini JJ connection.
Replacement ozone gas hose for above ozonator.
1/4" ID

Replaces 6540-741
Replacement check valve for ozone gas line.
ProClear Mineral Treatment 2472-673 Ozone Injector
The ProClear snaps into the removable filter cap on most J-300 and J-400 series. The mineral sanitizer supports your primary sanitizing agent and helps reduce odors and residue. Often used with a good ozonator allowing for little supplementary oxidizer. Do not use with bromine or biquanides. Replace every 4-5 months. 81-673
Replaces 2472-673
Replace when leaking, troubled water flow, or no ozone bubbles.
Ozone Injector
Replace when leaking, troubled water flow, or no ozone bubbles.

Should I pay for any of this? Good question. If you have good control over keeping your chemistry of the water balanced and no issues of smell and don't mind the weekly time spent doing this, then likely you don't need these. But consider...

Ozonator: The APG bathes your water with ozone gas which is a natural sanitizer: O3. Its especially effective on hot tubs with 24/7 circ pump. It just keeps the water clean with little smell. So you can keep your chemical issues to a minimum.

The Proclear is also a great addition to your water quality. When used in tandom with an ozonator, you water will keep clean. It uses silver ion to naturally help clean the water.

Lastly the new Clear UV sanitizer. Cutting edge cleaning. All your water passes by a UV bulb that sterilizes the organics and doesn't allow them to multiply. No there is no offgas issues.