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Pump and Motor Parts

Jacuzzi Premium Hot Tubs pump/motors have gone through several generations and we offer parts from each generation:
I. 2002-2009 The Jacuzzi jet pump used the same housing with different impellers to match the hp of the motor. This generation of pump has been discontinued although repair parts are still available BUT using ONLY the 2.5hp impeller.
II. 2009-Present 1.5hp pump/motor. Jacuzzi changed to a different style wetend AND motor.
III. 2009-Present 48f 2.5 pump/motor. Jacuzzi uses the same wetend as the 1.5hp in II but with a 2.5 impeller and the new style motor.
IV. 2009-Present 56f 2.5 pump/motor. Jacuzzi has introduced the "56 frame" pump/motor which is bigger in diameter than the 48 frame and commonly considered a longer lasting motor.
Differences in Pump/Wetends:
Generation "I" are all 48f frame pump motors. In generation "I" the motors have a foot bracket welded on the motor which is industry standard.
Generation "II and III" the pumps are a modified 48f style. What that means is the pump is molded to fit a larger 56f motor BUT the connections between the motor bolts and pump are in the 48f style. That means both "II and III" uses 48f motors with 56f pumps.
Generation "IV" Jacuzzi pumps and motors are 56f. The pumps are ONLY 2.5hp rated.

Differences in Motors:
Generation "I" used standard 48f style. The motors have a bracket welded onto the motor where its bolted down. Pumps attached to this style motor are limited to output direction.
Generation "II and III" use the new style "brackless" motor. Brackless motors do not have the standard bracket welded to the motor's body. Jacuzzi installs all their models built since 2009 with a permanent bracket (cradle). Then you lower the pump/motor onto the bracket and direct the output any direction you need and then tighten the bracket strap onto the motor and its set. You CAN install Generation II and III pumps to older style motors if desired.
Generation "IV" uses the new "brackless" motor and bracket mentioned above.