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OEM Replacement Heater

How do heaters work? Basically, electric current flows through the heater's element. Because the element is design to resist the flow, it heats. The amount of resistance is measured by OHMS. Most common is 5.5kw. Some 115v models have a 4.0kw heater. Either will work on 230v hot tubs.

How do they fail? The "official" stand of heater element manufacturers is that the only reason a heater element will fail if it does not fail initially, is user failure to maintain proper water balance. In a perfect water world, the element will work indefinitely. But because the manufacture knows the enduser will not maintain perfect water, heaters fail.

Our rule of thumb is 5-6 years for a heater. Most customers get that life. I have seen poorly maintained water ruin a heater in less than a year.

So long/short, heaters fail because life is not perfect. All heaters fail. If you keep your water balanced and check weekly, you will maximize your heaters life as best you can.