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Flow and Pressure Switches

JHT Replacement Flow Switch Jacuzzi 2002+ Flow Switch with Box Finger Conn Jacuzzi/Sundance Flow Switch-Box Finger
Flow switch without cord. Has 2 crimp connectors on top.
Can remove new flow switch out of housing and install into existing housing.
Flow switches are directional. Make sure when installing the flow is correct.
Plumbing is 3/" slip to slip
Flow switch used on J400 2006-2009 spas with a 24/7 large circ pump.
Flow switch used on Jacuzzi and Sundance spas with small 24/7 circ pump
and box end connectors. Common to LCD topsides.
Jacuzzi Flow Switch-Curl Finger Jacuzzi J1000 Flow Switch with DSMT connector Jacuzzi Flow Switch-Curl Finger
Flow Switch-Sundance
Our Price: $41.25
Flow Switch-Curl Finger-Jacuzzi Flows switch used on spas with a 24/7 large circ pump; Jacuzzi J400 series
2 Barbed with Box End Connectors without Plug-Sundance
Generic Replacement Pressure Switch Low Flow Heater Pressure Switch
Generic Replacement Pressure Switch
Mostly plastic for long life.
Our most popular low pressure switch.
Has plastic threads so you need to be careful not to cross-thread when installing.

Hot tubs typically use either a flow switch or pressure switch. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs tend to use a flow switch. In either case, the purpose of the switch is to tell the board that enough water is moving pass the heater element. If not, the topside will give you a FL1 error. If the switch itself has failed you get an FL2 error.

Flow switches are directional. You must install the new with the arrows on the switch and housing pointed in the water's direction.

Pressure switches and not directional. Pressure switches have a "sweet spot" where when the pump is off, the switch is open and when the pump is on, the switch is closed. You may have to adjust a pressure switch if you start getting either a FL2 or FL1 error.

See our Error Page how to do so.