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Complete Selection of Jacuzzi Hot Tub Filters

Many filters used on Jacuzzi brand hot tubs are patented designed. If a particular filter is not a patented design we ship an equivalent in quality at reduce prices.

We recommend you thoroughly clean your filters at least every 3 months under normal use. Some clean the circ pump filter monthly because a clogged filter will cause an early failure of the circ pump. An easy was to see if the filter need cleaning/replacing is remove the filter while the pump is on. If you see increased activity, time to clean/replace filter.

You can NOT just wash the filter with a hose. You can NOT just drop the filter into bleach.

Reason: A major components on your filter over time is dead organics and oil. Both need a stripper to remove the particles from your filter. We recommend a good filter cleaner or even trisodiumphosphate (tsp).

Why not Bleach? All it does is whiten the filter.