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Diverter Knobs and Internal Repair
Diverters are designed to direct the water flow between several zones from full force to one area to a balance between both.
2002+ J-300 and J-400 Series Hermosa Models J-210 Series 2005+ Divert-A-Jet
2002-2015 many J-300 and J-400 Series
Hermosa Series
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J-220 2005+ Series
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J-270, 280 2007+ Series
J-400 Jet Valve and Waterfall Valve
J-LX/LXL Series 2011+ Repair Parts
J-LX/LXL 2011+ Series
Time Saving Wall Fitting Repair

Diverters or directional valves can fail. Typically you only replace the topside knob and internal core. You do not have to replace the outer plumbing
Except for the Hermosa, the others use a standard configuration for repair. Remove the top handle. Unscew the "base". This will expose the internals of the diverter. We typically replace all internals.
NOTE: turn hot tub power off when doing a directional repair. If the spa turns on to heat or filter and you have the cover off, massive water will exit all over you and parts will go flying.