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24/7 Circulation Pumps

These pumps operate 24/7 under normal conditions. They are designed to be LOW amperage draw and cost no more to operate a typical hot tub with a large jet pump dedicated to heating the water. On models built after 2002 many boards have a "summer logic" built into them that will turn the hot tub circ pump OFF when the water gets 2 degrees above the set point. This is designed to help limit spas overheating in the summer not due to heater activity but due to temperature conditions and solar heating.

The advantage of have a 24/7 circ pump is the water quality will be easier to maintain and if you have an ozonator or UV light the water will stay cleaner.

Smaller circ pumps have either a 3/4" barb fitting, 1" barb fitting, or 1" coupling. Larger circ pumps (about the size of jet pump) will have a 1 1/2" coupling.

Most J models use either the smaller 3/4" 24/7 circ pump or on some 400 models, a larger circ pump with 1.5" piping. Either style is fairly easy to remove and install. Typically you do not try to repair the circ pump but replace. Normal life is about 6-7 years but failure to keep the circ pump filter clean as well as other factors can shorten a circ pump life.
The 3/4" barb circ pump comes with cord included.