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Components of JWB Air Control.

Gray JWB Panel Control Knob with Insert JWB Graphic Air Control Ring 1 Hole JWB Panel Replacement Gray
Replacement Gray Hourglass style Knob Outer Air Bubble Graphic Ring 1 Hole Design
Replaces D851-945, 2540-201
2 Hole JWB Panel Replacement Gray 3 Hole JWB Panel Replacement Gray JWB Air Control Assembly
2 Hole Design-Gray

Same As: 8241-945, 2540-202
3 Hole Design
Replaces 9224-945, 2000-220
Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Air Control Valve Replacement
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"E" Reducing Bushing 1" to .5" "G" CAP 1" Jacuzzi 4 Port Air Line Manifold
"G" CAP 1"
Our Price: $1.89
This glued in bushing adapts 1" female to .5" female glue joint. This glued in cap closes one end. Ports are 3/8" for air line.
Body of manifold is 1"
IMPORTANT: Normally you ALSO need Cap and Reducing Bushing Shown.

Replaces H200000, 6540-007
Replacement Clear Hose (Soft) Airline Hose