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Pressure and Flow Switches 1993-2002
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Jacuzzi Flow Switch-Curl Finger Pressure Switch Cable Adjustable Heater Pressure Switch
Pressure Switch 56" Cable
Our Price: $19.89
Flow Switch-Curl Finger-Jacuzzi Cable that connects pressure switch to pcboard. Pressure Switch for 2-3 Jet Pump Hot Tubs; Metal Threads
Used On: Aero, Laser, Lexus, Palio, Quantum, Santina, Tirage, Santana, Solaris, Z140, Z150, Z235, Z240, Z255

Replaces 2000-065, R961, 20-210
Generic Replacement Pressure Switch Low Flow Heater Pressure Switch
Generic Replacement Pressure Switch
Mostly plastic for long life.
Our most popular low pressure switch.
Has plastic threads so you need to be careful not to cross-thread when installing.

Hot Tubs With "Horizontal" Heaters use PRESSURE SWITCH:

Hot Tubs With "Vertical" Heater use FLOW SWITCH: