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Pressure and Flow Switches 1993-2002
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Jacuzzi Flow Switch-Curl Finger Jacuzzi Flow Switch-Curl Finger Pressure Switch Cable
Flow Switch-Sundance
Our Price: $41.25
Pressure Switch 56" Cable
Our Price: $19.89
Flow Switch-Curl Finger-Jacuzzi 2 Barbed with Box End Connectors without Plug-Sundance Cable that connects pressure switch to pcboard.
Adjustable Heater Pressure Switch Generic Replacement Pressure Switch Low Flow Heater Pressure Switch
Pressure Switch for 2-3 Jet Pump Hot Tubs; Metal Threads
Used On: Aero, Laser, Lexus, Palio, Quantum, Santina, Tirage, Santana, Solaris, Z140, Z150, Z235, Z240, Z255

Replaces 2000-065, R961, 20-210
Generic Replacement Pressure Switch
Mostly plastic for long life.
Our most popular low pressure switch.
Has plastic threads so you need to be careful not to cross-thread when installing.

Hot Tubs With "Horizontal" Heaters use PRESSURE SWITCH:

Hot Tubs With "Vertical" Heater use FLOW SWITCH: