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Below Find Replacement Parts Found Inside the
Jacuzzi Whirlpool System Control Module (SCM)

Bridge Rectifier High Limit Switch 20a Relay
Bridge Rectifier
Our Price: $36.00
High Limit Thermostat
Our Price: $39.00
Bridge Rectifier Converts AC to DC for internal SCM operation.

High Limit Sensor that trips when heater goes above 112-115 degrees.
Replacement 20a Small Relay inside SCM
30a Relay SCM Air Switch 7 day timer
Relay, 30a, 120vDC
Our Price: $109.00
SCM 4 Function Air Switch
Our Price: $49.00
SCM 7 Day Timer
Our Price: $53.00
Large SCM relay 4 Function Air Switch 7 Day Filter Timer
20a Circuit Protector GFCI Dead Front thermostat
SCM Circuit Protector 20a
Our Price: $18.00
Our Price: $59.00
20a Jet Pump Breaker
SCM Panel 20a GFCI Replace SCM thermostat
Replace Thermostat Protections Sleeve