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We rebuild the internal components of your control box with new electronics and digital topside. You send us your control box, topside, and sensors. We send back to you YOUR old control box with all components needed to get you up and running. You simply install the same control box using your old cords with your new topside and new sensors included.

You send us your failed control box, topside, and sensors.
We inspect your control box:
Remove damaged components and clean.
We leave in place existing sockets so you
can reuse most or all of your existing components
(see sockets on left of box).
We leave if possible the Terminal Block where your
existing GFCI electrical power comes in (see
bottom left)
Unless damaged, we leave existing heater cord and
flow switch sockets. (lower right)
We install new electronic components with
current state of the art parts including
pcboard, sensors, electronic topside,
and necessary cords. (as shown)

You will receive your rebuilt box with all
necessary item to get your spa up and running.
We also program the topside control and include a
personalized instructions to make installation easy.

> To get started, choose which TYPE of control box you have; separate corded heater or attached horizontal heaters.
> Next, choose which topside control you want. The T-7 is basic digital topside. The T-8 topside has more features.
> Purchase the type and topside you want.
> We will email you the address to ship your control box.
> In 4-7 business days after receipt, we will ship your rebuilt control box, cords, sensors, and topside to you. The package will also include personalized help for you to reinstall the rebuilt control box.

C5 Heater Rebuilt Control Box
Rebuild YOUR existing control box with C5 components and electronic
Rebuild YOUR control box with C5 components and NEW T7 Topside Control
Includes All New Components
New Heater/PS included!

PLEASE NOTE: We can only rebuild systems with up to 3 components and circulation pump. Maximum ability of these control systems are: a. 1 or 2 speed #1 jet pump, b. 1 speed #2 jet pump, c. 3rd jet or air blower, and d. optional circulation pump. This configuration covers 99% of systems.

We likely can NOT rebuild systems like:

These older units using simple relays, air bellow buttons, and timer usually do not accommodate the newer control boards. We are happy to consider this style you contact us at spageeks@clearcreekspas.com