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Hts or tS Error: System checks the integrity of the water temperature sensor. If the temperature sensor fails, on of these errors will occur on the topside.

Repair: Usually needs a new temp sensor. Sometimes the pcboard itself has failed.

FLO Error: Sytem checks for proper water flow either by a pressure switch or flow switch. If the circuit doesn't close properly, this error will occur. The unit will turn the circ pump/jet pump on/off/on/off. If the circuit desn not close, it will stop turning the pump on and go to this error.

Repair: First try removing filters. Restart system. If that doesn't resolve, do you see adequite water moving? if yes, then likely a bad pressure or flow switch. Replace. If you do not see water moving, likely a failed circ pump or #1 jet pump

PS2 Error: System checks the pressure swtich or flow switch for an open circuit before it turns the circ pump on #1 jet low speed on. If the circuit is closed, you will get a PS2 error.

Repair: Replace pressure or flow switch.

PS1 Error: System has turned on circulation or jet #1 low speed. Pressure switch or flow switch is not closing.

Repair: See FLO above.

Ht Error: High temperature fault. Temp sensor reads temperature above 110deg.

Repair: Allow spa to cool. If water is below 104 degrees and you are getting Ht error, replace OH sensor. If that doesn't repair, replace board.

Oht Error: Overheating/Watchdog. Temp sensor reads temperature above 120 deg

Repair: Same as Ht error.

FC Error: Freeze Condition. Board sees the water is too cold.

Repair: This code will clear when the water gets above 60 degrees. Until then the board will turn jets and air blower on throughout the day to move water to minimize pipes freezing. If water doesn't heat and you do not get any other errors, likely either a failed heater or pcboard.