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Our Hot Tub Wrap is made of soft, pliable material designed for outdoor weather. With UV protection built into the material you should receive years of service. The material is perforated to allow the subsurface to breath and to avoid "sailing", a common concern. It comes as a roll similar to wallpaper. Its washable. You cut it with a pair of scissors.

Being pliable the material will wrap around and cover almost any hot tub layout. You can glue the material to your existing panels but we have found that for most applications stainless steel thumbtacks will hold the material against the wood sufficiently. You can even use stainless steel pushpins! You can also use existing screws to secure the Hot Tub Wrap. You must use stainless steel finish washers if you want to use screws.

Vented to allow air to circulate and
to avoid any "sailing" caused by wind

The Hot Tub Wrap is flexible. Tough but allows for sharp curves.