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Give your Old, tired hot tub siding a NEW, FRESH look.
Do it in minutes... like having a new hot tub.
Clear Creek Spas offers Hot Tub wraps to turn your tired, old spa siding into a new look.
It's quick and easy.
Purchase one of our Siding Wraps and cover your old siding with a new look!!

Before AFTER

Hot tubs built over 10 years ago commonly have wood siding. Over time this siding can really deteriorate.
Your first solution is to replace all the siding with new synthetic. See Here

But what if you don't want to spend that much Or you want to keep it simple, we have the solution!

Wall Sensations' Hot Tub Wrap..

We offer a wall paper style outdoor wrap in a choice of textures. You will receive a roll in the texture you want.

Installation is a breeze: You can install simply using thumbtacks or pushpins if you have wood siding... or existing screws holding your old synthetic panels.

These wraps are cosmetic. Its like putting on a new jacket over worn out clothes. Nothing under the wrap changes. But INSTANTLY you get a new look for your tired spa.

Install a roll of our Wall Sensation siding wrap. In minutes you have a new look.