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Hot Tub Help You Can Use

Hot Tub is Freezing?

What you need to do if your hot tub shuts down in winter and you can't fix.

How To Fix? What to Fix?

Sometimes it seems the lingo is foreign and how to install the part is even worse. We can teach you how to figure out what is wrong and how to install the part.

We carry a complete inventory for Jacuzzi brand hot tubs built from the late 1980's to present. We also carry all parts available for hot tubs made by Gatsby Hot Tubs including Gatsby, Blueridge, Whiteriver, Swiftriver, Imperial, and Echo spas.

Unless noted we do not rebuild or refurbish any item and sell as new. We will substitute a part where an alternate manufacturer sells the same part at a reduced price when it doesn't affect the quality.

More than Parts

Clear Creek Spa is more than a parts store. We are a Support Store! We want you to buy the correct part the first time and help you install it.

Since 1995

We started doing warranty service for Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath in 1995. We no longer do warranty but we KNOW what we speak of. Experience. Not guys guessing.

From Old Spa.. To This

Is your old hot tub fine except the siding? You have a sound hot tub but just needs a facelift?

We carry the best solution to replacement siding. Not a cover but TRUE composite panels! As seen above you can covert your old spa into something special.

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siding Spa Kit Replacement Siding

Replacement Spa Siding--Better Than New
Flex Corner or Square Corners

Our Regular Price: $745.00
Our LONGER than SPRING SALE Price: $630.83

Our Price: $745.00
Sale Price: $630.83
Savings: $114.17
Delzone APG Dual Voltage Ozonator APG Ozonator with Plug 115/230v

APG Ozonator with Choice of Plug

List Price: $189.95
Our Price: $99.00
Savings: $90.95